MIDDLE-Eastern OUD - UNIQUE Perfect WAVE/NKI Multi-Layer Samples Library on DVD or download

Instrument : OUD
Department : Various Accessories
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- THE very best of Middle-Eastern OUD Real UNIQUE SAMPLES PRODUCTION STUDIO LIBRARY Multi-Layer WAVEs (WAV.) and KONTAKT (NKI.) Samples on DVD or for download.<br /> - HUGE COLLECTION of Middle-Eastren Oud performances: single voices, performances, phrase.... different tempo and song style.<br /> - NOTE! THIS PRODUCT NOT A 'PLUGIN' - you will simply be downloading selected Bank from this Library as WAV files together with KONTAKT instrument patches (so all the sounds are programmed, mapped out and immediately playable). This library provides enormous flexibility and a wealth of creative possibilities. All of the samples in this product are 100% Royalty-Free. You can use the samples in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.<br /> - This ultimate collection offered is an excellent for any musician at any level, for anybody looking to get into sample-loops-based music/recording, are designed to grow and expand with you into complete and professional sounds. Very easy to work: recording, looping & creating perfect sound.<br /> - TOP-STUDIO RECORDED & MASTERED, MAPPED, READY FOR DOWNLOAD AND SUCCESSFUL WORK. 100% royalty FREE! DVD cover pronted box NOT included!<br />
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