Cleartone Heavy Series Electric Guitar Strings (11-56)

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Strings : Electric Guitar
Sub-department : 011 Guitar Strings

Brand : Cleartone
Acheter Cleartone
Description from Amazon USA
- Designed specifically for alternative tunings such as Drop D, Drop C and Drop C#, Cleartone Monster Heavy sets feature heavier gauge strings for that extra tension you need<br /> - LAST LONGER: Cleartone s patented treatment increases the lifespan of the string which is why it is trusted by industry professionals, worldwide. Known as the reliable choice for upcoming tours and live performance, Cleartone is used on the road by bands such as Megadeath, Atreyu, Fear Factory, and many more.<br /> - PLAY LOUDER: With only one micron of coating, these strings play louder than ever before while still maintaining proper tuning. Whether on stage or in the studio, Cleartone will be sure to deliver optimum volume throughout any performance.<br /> - SOUND BETTER: Our treated strings deliver unbelievable clarity and brilliant tone, while maintaining an improved resonance and delivering maximum sustain. Each set comes in a corrosion resistant packaging that will assure fresh strings with every purchase.<br /> - STRING GAUGES - 11 - 15 - 20 - 36 - 48 - 56<br /> - MADE IN THE USA- From start to finish, Cleartone Strings are proudly manufactured and treated in the USA. Using our custom core to wrap ratios and advanced super high tension winding techniques, Cleartone is able to deliver a string that is sure to last as well as deliver the highest quality in volume and tone.<br />
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