Handmade European Bronze Sculpture Art Deco Figure Boy & Violin Bronze Statue -UKYRD-039-Decor Collectible Gift

Department : Music Gifts
Sub-department : Deco: Musician figurine and bust
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A Boy Plucks And Tunes The Strings Of His Violin. The Well-Detailed Violin, Includes Four Metal Strings. Tucked Under His Chin, He Happily Looks Down To Make Sure His Music Will Be Fined Tuned And Not Hit Any Sour Notes. A Beret Is Cropped On The Top Of His Head. He Wears A Shirt-Dress, Coat, Long Trousers,Knee-High Boots And A Sash That Bunches To The Side Of His Thigh. He Rests A Buckled Boot On The Edge Of A Corner Stepping Stone. A Discarded Cloth Is Crumpled Beneath Him. Could He Be Stealing A Moment From Shining Shoes To Showcase His True Talents 100% Bronze And Handmade, This Brown Patina Sculpture Was Cast Using The "Lost Wax Method" And Is Mounted On A Round Brown Patina Base And Then Mounted On A Second Black Marble Base. This Sculpture Was Signed By The Artist A.Moreau.
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