2x4 Lap Steel Guitar Kit - the DIY Slide Guitar - You supply the 2x4!

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The 2x4 Lap Steel parts kit: just supply your own scrap 2x4 plank! Finally learn how to play lap steel guitar without investing in a brand new instrument. Just a spare 2x4 and this parts kit will get you playing in no time. But this is more than just a teaching instrument The parts contained and the instructions will have you making a lap steel guitar good enough for stage and studio. ; Anyone with a basic knowledge of woodworking can create the 2x4 lap steel. A circular saw, drill and soldering iron are the basic tools needed. ; COUNTRY HONKY-TONK, BLUES OR HAWAIIAN The 2x4 Lap Steel Kit also includes two different sets of strings, enabling you to try traditional Open D (blues) tuning or a more advanced C6th (Country/Hawaiian) tuning. ; Modify, decorate and design: We left the design basic so that you're encouraged to 'trick it out' with designs and other mods. Paint yours up or leave it raw. Use plastic zip ties as fret markers if you want. (Zip ties are not included in the kit. They are readily available in most hardware stores.) ; Kit includes: Full instructions printed on a 12x18 poster - suitable for framing Two floating bridges Humbucking Pickup Guitar jack and jackplate Six tuners Twelve string ferrules Two packs of strings: one for blues and one for Country/Hawaiian C6 tuning
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