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Instrument : PERCUSSION
Department : Tabla

Brand : Queen Brass
Description from Amazon USA
The tabla is a popular indian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and religious music of the indian subcontinent and in hindustani classical music. The term tabla is derived from a sanskrit word which means "drum".

Tabla is a pair of drums. It consists of of a small right hand drum called dayan and a larger metal one called bayan. The dayan (right hand drum) is made of wood. The diameter at the membrane may run from just under five inches to over six inches. The bayan (left hand drum) generally made copper or brass with a nickel or chrome plate is the most common material. Low quality bayan may be available in aluminum or iron or steel. Both feature goatskin drumheads and camel leather straps to adjust the pitch. The large black spot on tabla surfaces are a mixture of gum, soot, and iron filings. Their function is to create the bell-like timbre that is characteristic of the instrument. Tabla is made with alluring visual harmony enticing percussionists to experience the rhythms of tradition.

Red colour brass tabla set is very unique item and requires lots of dedicated hours to prepare the one in perfect finish and style. It can be a piece of art when some one play the same in any concert or public function. It has very special hand made skin thus produce very sweet sound. The big brass bayan is beautifully engraved and partly red and golden colour for its stylish look.

Package contains

One wooden tabla dayan.
One brass red colour tabla bayan.
Cushion & cover for each drum.
One tuning hammer
Sturdy storage case.
One book "learn how to play tabla".

Note: sturdy storage case is only for transit formalities. Colors of the cushion & cover in actual product may be different from the displayed images.


Case: 58 cm. X 34 cm. X 33 cm.
Big brass bayan (bass): surface = 22 cm. To 23 cm.,
Height = 27 cm. To 29 cm.
Wooden dayan (treble): surface = 12 cm. To 14 cm.
Ships in : delivery in 6-5 days