Toca T2548 Hand Drum

Instrument : PERCUSSION
Department : Cuica
Sub-department : Instrument

Brand : Toca
Acheter Toca
Description from Amazon USA
The cuica is a key component of brazilian music, in particular the samba, and the memorable, squealing lilt of this folkloric instrument clearly has one foot in the jungle and the other on the street. it can be heard in a broad range of works such as the early recordings of egberto gismonti, porthino, and the pop recordings of paul simon. the new toca professional cuica succeeds in nailing the elusive indigenous sound and protecting it in a durable housing. the shell is lightweight aluminum. this shell is actually a seamless piece of aluminum, produced by spinning a flat sheet into round--with no seams to impede resonance. to further free the shell to vibrate, the drum incorporates a free floating design: no tuning hardware, including lug casings, touches the shell. the head, or rather skin, is specially chosen natural goatskin. to produce the signature jungle squeak, on the reverse side of the skin a bamboo rod extends from the center of the head and runs parallel the length of the shell. for a robust squeak, a full-size 10 inches head interacts with an 11 inches shell. many traditional cuicas bite the dust due to flimsy craftsmanship. the new toca professional cuica is made to last, starting with the one-piece aluminum shell and progressing to the six sturdy lug tuners in powder black, and finally to the failsafe shoulder strap
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