Lyre Harp Rosewood 10 Strings/Lyra Harfe/Lyre Harp 10 Metal Strings Shesham Wood

Instrument : HARP
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Lyre Harp
Description from Amazon UK
NEW LYRA HARP STRINGS 10 ROSEWOOD / LYRE HARP STRINGS 10 ROSEWOOD + CARRYING CASE Arpe lyre, lyre harps, harpes lyre, arpa de lira, BRAND NEW: - LYRA HARP 10 METAL STRINGS WITH FREE PADDED CARRYING CASE AND TUNING KEY. LYRE 10 HARP STRINGS SOLID ROSEWOOD BODY AND BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD NATURAL GRAIN. Lyra Harp High Quality Solid Rosewood & Metal strings and tuning pins Solid Brass and High Quality Chrome Finish.