Logjam Logarythm Mk3 Stompbox

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Guitar Effects
Sub-department : Stompbox

Brand : Log Jam
Acheter Log Jam
Description from Amazon UK
Our new Mk3 Log is a significant development on our Mk2 model. We have created a much smoother radius (curve) on the stomping area to facilitate ease of use and to avoid any muscular strain when being played for long periods. We have also greatly improved the "gain" or output level of the unit by reorienting the acoustic chamber.
The Mk3 Logarhythm® is designed so that you can get softer or louder dynamic by stamping your foot on the left or right of the stomping area respectively.It is also possible to use both feet on this unit.
As with all our most recent models the Mk3 Log includes a Neutrik output socket for secure and trouble-free connection.* Hand-made in the UK from high-quality certificated timber.* Features a non-slip grip rubber base.* Requires no batteries.* Now guaranteed for 3 years.Dimensions:200 X 117 X 45 mm Weight: 575 grams(may vary a little)