GraphTech PQ153000 TUSQ Acoustic Guitar Nut, Mandolin Slotted

Instrument : MANDOLIN
Department : Spare parts

Brand : Graph Tech
Acheter Graph Tech
Description from Amazon CANADA
GRAPH TECH TUSQ MAN MADE IVORY FOR MANDOLIN Looking for that crystal clear, bell-like high ends, big open lows, and a noticable increase in overall sustain Whether you have a high quality or low-end mandolin, you owe it to yourself to hear the difference a TUSQ nut and saddle will make. Measures Length Width Height 1ST STRING TO LAST Inches 1.145 0.186 0.329 0.965 Approx. In. 1 5/32 3/16 11/32 31/32 Millimeters 29.08 4.72 8.36 24.51
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