Two Notes Torpedo CAB Guitar Speaker Simulator Pedal

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Guitar Effects
Sub-department : Preamp - Amp simulation

Brand : Two Notes
Acheter Two Notes
Description from Amazon UK
Subcategory: Speaker simulator Power amplifier, speaker cabinet and microphone simulator for guitar and basses, AD/DA 24-bit 192kHz in effect pedal format Torpedo Speaker-Cabinet Simulator Stompbox Torpedo speaker and miking simulation 32 slots and over 45 cabs available 8 microphone emulations 5-band EQ with guitar and bass modes Inputs and Outputs: Switchable Guitar/Line Input, switchable Amp/Line output, Headphones, USB remote control The Two Notes Torpedo CAB is a guitar cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. It is not a loadbox disspating the output of your guitar amplifier, but it does include all the features of the Torpedo Live, together with an input stage designed to accept guitar effects pedal level signals. Place the Torpedo CAB at the end of your effect chain and plug it into the PA and you will be ready to go. No need to carry a guitar amplifier to gigs. The Torpedo CAD includes 32 slots, and over 45 cabinets models available. The Torpedo CAB replaces the guitar / bass power amplifier, the speaker cabinet, the microphone, the microphone preamplifier to provide a signal that is the closest possible to a traditional guitar / bass miking in a professional studio environment. Use the Torpedo CAB on stage or in the studio, after your effects pedals or a rack preamplifier, or even after an amplifier modeling processor with the speaker simulation turned off. The Torpedo CAB comes with a library of 45 cabinets, 32 factory cabinets and other cabinets available for download, and 8 microphones simulations. The virtual miking is achieved by choosing one cabinet and one microphone, and fine-tuning the position of the microphone in front of the cabinet. Guitar speaker cabinet simulator in a stompbox format Input stage designed to accept guitar effects pedals level signals Torpedo guitar speaker and miking simulations 32 slots with more than 45
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