Harmonica Holder: 'Round the Neck' holder with sprung Harmonica clamp

Instrument : HARMONICA
Department : Stands - Foots

Brand : Boston
Acheter Boston
Description from Amazon UK

There's nothing quite as annoying as when you're playing the Harmonica and want a mouthful of ale. You have to put the darn thing down, pick up your pint, have a sip, put you pint down, pick up the harmonica, move your hands to your mouth, and only then can you start playing again! What a chore!

With this harmonica holder you need never complete that whole shenanigans again! Your faithful harmonica will always be nearby (within playing distance in fact!) whenever you need it. Also comes in handy if you need to play another instrument whilst blowing off - ideal for pianist, guitarists etc!....

Vital Statistics

Err....fits all Harmonicas up to 48 holers. Never tried one bigger than that.