Pack of 6 Dunlop Picks Tortex Triangle 431r - 0.5 - 1.14 mm

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Picks
Sub-department : Triangle Picks

Brand : Dunlop
Acheter Dunlop
Description from Amazon UK
For many years, Dunlop produces many accessories for guitar players. Between the picks, the capodastres, bottlenecks and belts, something for every guitarist, he come classic or metal.Set of 6 triangle Dunlop picks perfect for bass including: 1 mediator Dunlop Tortex Triangle 0.50 mm - 431r501 mediator Dunlop Tortex 0.60 mm - 431r601 project x Dunlop Tortex Triangle 1.00 mm, 431r1001 project x Dunlop Tortex Triangle 0.88 mm 431r881 project x Dunlop Tortex Triangle 0.73 mm 431r731 project x Dunlop Tortex Triangle 1.14 mm 431r114