Vintage Regal Resonator Guitar Pickup with Flexible Micro-Gooseneck by Myers Pickups

Instrument : DOBRO - RESONATOR
Department : Mics & Pickups

Brand : Myers Pickups
Acheter Myers Pickups
Description from Amazon USA
- Flexible micro-gooseneck that picks up only the natural sound of your instrument!!!<br /> - Myers Pickups, Versatile, Multi-Instrument, Powered Pickup! The smallest (all-in-one) active/preamp pickup on the market today! Complete out of the box, plug in and play!<br /> - Fully equipped with an internally powered, active preamp to produce the richest sound your instrument can deliver! Power-source (included) is pre-installed and each pickup is meticulously tested before delivery.<br /> - All hardware included for 3 mounting options including the new Grip! Instantly turn your instrument into an acoustic/electric instrument with volume! Compatible with almost any musical instrument! Made in the USA.<br /> - (Instrument not included)<br />
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