Practice Chanter, Black Rosewood, Blk MP

Instrument : BAGPIPE
Department : Practice chanter

Brand : Roosebeck
Acheter Roosebeck
Description from Amazon USA
The bagpipe practice chanter is a double reed instrument which is used as a practice option for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Firstly, the practice chanter requires much less air and is easier to blow than a full set of pipes, so it is commonly used by beginners to learn proper fingering and basic play. After learning basic skills, the beginner can advance to a full set of pipes. Secondly, a practice chanter is much quieter than a set of bagpipes, so it is more suitable for indoor practice even for experienced players. It also has the added benefit of being easier to tune and maintain than the full bagpipe.This practice chanter is hand crafted from solid rosewood and painted matte black, and it features a black plastic mouthpiece. It is approximately 19 inches long when assembled, and a practice chanter reed is included. The finger hole spacing is similar to a full drone pipe, with the exception of the lower two holes, which are spaced a little closer. It is tuned to the key of B flat.Note: Even though the practice chanter has a reed included, it should be changed regularly. For your convenience we offer replacement Roosebeck Practice Chanter Reeds, and you can order them here.
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