Ultrasone PERF 820B Headphones, Black

Department : Headphones
Sub-department : Headphone for Listening

Brand : Ultrasone
Acheter Ultrasone
Description from Amazon CANADA
A Statement of Sound & Design - the Ultrasone Performance 820 sold by AVGear will appeal to professionals and hi-fi aficionados who have highest demands in the studio, at home and on the road.
This entry-level model offers high-quality workmanship and its centrepiece is the patented S-Logic Plus technology. With its decentrally configured transducers, S-Logic Plus technology promises natural three-dimensionality and fatigue-free listening and working. Whether for small ears or large ones, Ultrasone never fails to deliver when it comes to wear-comfort. The comfort aspect was a priority when the spacious inner cups of the Performance series were being constructed. After all, professionals and music aficionados alike do not want to be irritated by the fit of the headphones, but want to forget that they are on their head altogether. The headband is designed to conform perfectly to every individual head shape. The extremely comfortable velour ear pads - available as accessories - contain memory foam and will adjust themselves to fit your head shape perfectly. This means they are pleasant to wear while offering best possible insulation against external noise.
Ships in : In Stock - delivery in 24-48 hours
Ships in : In Stock - delivery in 24-48 hours
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