Sunyin Transducer Paste Mini Pickup with 10-Feet Straight to Right Angle FREE Guitar Cable used for Acoustic Classical Guitar Ukulele Violin Mandolin Banjo Cello-black

Instrument : UKULELE
Department : Mics & Pickups
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The Sunyin Paste mini pickup,is a suitable Guitar Violin Banjo Mandolin Ukulele cello and other vocal instrument.

Item 100% like the picture shown A professional Piezo Contact Microphone pickup with volume control.

Contact microphones pick up sound by being in direct contact with the sound source. They have the advantage of being able to eliminate interfering external sounds and not be influenced by sound reflections from nearby objects.

Just plug it into your amp, bass amp or other recording equipment. You can amplify your Guitar, Ukulele Violin Mandolin Banjo Cello.

Comes with double sided tape and self adhesive Velcro for multiple mounting options.


Gently stick it next to your instrument sound hole, remove it when you don't need it in case its glue remains.

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Package Included:

1 x Pickup

1 x Pickup cable

1 x 10-Feet Straight to Right Angle Guitar cable-black(free)

8 x Stickers(free)
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