4/4 Size Violin Pack for Beginners - Beginner Violin Pack Includes Clip On Violin Tuner and Shoulder Rest - 4/4 Size

Instrument : VIOLIN - FIDDLE
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Violins 4/4 Full
Description from Amazon UK
This violin is an excellent choice for beginners coming in 4 different sizes to suit starters from 5 years of age with the 1/4 size and over 11 years with the full size. It is a well constructed violin for beginners comprising the key elements to get you started out playing this brilliant stringed instrument. An extremely popular starters instrument, particularly in schools, the violin has been known to be the main instrument for children to start on with it being relatively straightforward to learn and get to grips with. This violin has an ebony coloured fingerboard, wooden body with a classic finish and wooden coloured bridge, chin rest and tuning pegs. Also included in this beginners outfit for violinists is the violin case, wood/horsehair bow and rosin. The red lined case also includes shoulder straps and carry handle for easy transportation to and from lessons and also helps to take care of the instrument when it is not being used. With this outfit you have everything to get you started learning the violin.