Aquila 72U RED SERIES, Ukulele TENOR Low-G Tuning - G4 (unwound)

Instrument : UKULELE
Department : Strings (for Ukulele)
Sub-department : Tenor Ukulele

Brand : Aquila
Acheter Aquila
Description from Amazon USA
AQUILA 'RED SERIES' Tenor Ukulele UNWOUND LOW G UKULELE STRING This package contains 1 string designed to convert your ukulele to Low G tuning. The only alternative solution used today is the use of a fluocarbon string. Its performance, however, is never entirely satisfactory because a low string, to be really good, must not only use materials with high density but also be very flexible. Fluorocarbon is unfortunately a very stiff material. Elasticity, together with density, is indeed the secret for the sound quality of a low string. We are happy to announce that we managed to win a difficult technological challenge (already tried by many others but without success): unwound fourth strings now finally exist. From now, you will finally be able to tune your ukulele in Low G ensuring sound power,sound quality and intonation on frets better than the fluorocarbon strings fully integrated with that of the upper treble strings. AQUILA 'RED SERIES' UNWOUND LOW G UKULELE STRING Main Features: Technical solution adopted: Nylgut made firstly elastic and then added with red copper powder in order to increase the density to about twice that of standard white Nylgut -Color: red-brown -Surface: slightly rough; this texture has eliminated the squeak that sometime happens with the wound Nylguts. -Elasticity: excellent -Intonation: accurate past the 12th fret -Pressing the string hard on the frets does not became make the note go sharper -It is not necessary to file the nut slot wider to accommodate it as happens with the fluocarbon G strings -Density: about twice than standard white Nylgut -Diameter: 1.00mm
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