Aulos 709W Haka Alto/Treble Recorder

Instrument : RECORDER
Department : Recorder (Instrument)
Sub-department : Soprano (Baroque)

Brand : Aulos
Acheter Aulos
Description from Amazon USA
This beautiful alto recorder is made from robust ABS plastic and finished in an attractive simulated wood-grain. It is light brown with ivory trim and features a design which is modelled on the original 18th century baroque instrument by Richard Haka. It consists of 3 parts which can be smoothly yet firmly fitted together to allow for consistent, accurate tuning. The wind way is curved which helps to provide a little resistance to the air when playing and hence allows for a softer, finer tone. It also makes it easier to control breath and therefore allows for more expressive playing. The 709W is supplied in a durable, faux leather bag with a cleaning rod, joint grease and an adjustable thumb rest.
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