Innovative Percussion Jim Casella Series Keyboard Mallets Ip1001 (Soft Yarn / Marimba)

Instrument : MARIMBA
Department : Drum Sticks

Brand : Innovative Percussion
Acheter Innovative Percussion
Description from Amazon UK
The Innovative Percussion IP1001 Jim Casella soft marimba mallets are one of the most preferred mallets by top musicians and players. They are designed to meet the stringent specifications of Jim Casella, one of the most renowned marching percussion specialists. One of the best features of these mallets is that they are designed to be used for playing both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of whether you have to perform in a confined venue, like an auditorium, or in an open air theater, the sound produced by these mallets will be clear and sharp. The Innovative Percussion Jim Casella marimba mallets feature highly polished birch shafts that are specially designed for comfort and convenience. The mallets are amazingly durable and are designed for optimum clarity in both outdoor and indoor venues. The shafts feature an end that is made of rubber cores for maximum fundamental tones and maximum projection. The rubber cores are wound around by custom synthetic yarn that delivers clear and sh
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