Vater VGSFW Percussion Gospel 5B Wood Tip

Instrument : DRUM
Department : Drum Sticks
Sub-department : Drumsticks

Brand : Vater
Acheter Vater
Description from Amazon USA
Under the direction of several Vater Artists including Gorden Campbell, Nisan Stewart, Cora Coleman-Dunham and Chris Johnson, Vater is the first drumstick company to introduce a line of drumsticks geared towards the Gospel Drumming genre. Vater's Gospel Series consists of three Hickory models designed to meet the feel, weight and volume needs of Gospel drummers. The Gospel Series models measure in at 16.5" for some extra length and three diameters to suit the variety of volume, dynamic and venues size challenges these drummers face. The round tip provides great cymbal clarity and rebound from around the drum kit. The Gospel Series is finished in a white stain. Length: 16 1/2" Diameter: .580"
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