Legere BBCB2.75 Bb Contrabass Clarinet

Instrument : CLARINET
Department : Reeds
Sub-department : Bass

Brand : Legere
Acheter Legere
Description from Amazon CANADA
The manufacture of the reeds Light from polypropylene. This material non-toxic is treated so that the use of the reeds to be absolutely sure. A process of specific has been adopted in order that the material meets precisely the density and the stiffness of the reeds in the traditional way. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Characteristics of the reeds Slightly: - No pre-conditioning required before use. - Reed non-toxic. - Can be disinfected. - Excellent duration in time. - Sound quality identical to that of a reed traditional. The reeds Classic of Light for Contrabass clarinet strength 2 3/4 will be perfect for clarinettists of average level but nevertheless remain extremely popular with beginner players and professionals. The Classic are recommended for clarinetists playing in a small group. The sounds and vibrations they produce could be compared to those of the reeds Classic Vandoren or even to those of the reeds Orange Rico. Technical Characteristics: -Reeds are perfect for clarinettists of average level. -Recommended to play in a small group. -Also suitable for beginners and professionals. -No pre-conditioning of reed
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