D?Addario EXP42 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 16-56 ? Offers a Warm, Bright and Well-Balanced Acoustic Tone and 4x Longer Life - With NY Steel for Strength and Pitch Stability

Instrument : DOBRO - RESONATOR
Department : Strings

Brand : Addario
Acheter Addario
Description from Amazon USA
- MOST POPULAR Pursue your passion with D Addario s most popular coated acoustic guitar string set. The EXP42 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings delivers the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability. With EXP coated phosphor bronze strings you get a warm, bright, well balanced acoustic tone and 4 times more life than uncoated strings.<br /> - WITH EXCLUSIVE NY STEEL These coated light acoustic guitar strings feature plain steel strings and hexagonal cores made of our revolutionary NY High Carbon Steel that delivers unprecedented strength and pitch stability.<br /> - COATED THEN WOUND Unlike other coated strings, D Addario strings feature an ultra-fine layer of EXP coating that is bonded to the phosphor bronze wrap wire and then wound onto the hex-shaped core wire. The result is a barrier against corrosion and a consistent, long-lasting tone.<br /> - STRING GAUGES The string gauges in this acoustic string set include: String Gauges: Plain Steel .016, .018, Phosphor Bronze Wound .028, .035, .045, .056<br /> - MADE IN THE USA D Addario leverages centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long-lasting guitar strings. Made in the USA for the highest quality and performance, only D Addario strings are sealed inside and out.<br />
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