Gold Tone Banjolele-DLX Banjo Ukulele Deluxe (Maple)

Instrument : UKULELE
Department : Ukulele (Instrument)
Sub-department : Banjolele

Brand : Gold Tone
Acheter Gold Tone
Description from Amazon USA
Combining quality ukulele craftsmanship with a banjo body, the Banjolele Deluxe achieves more volume while keeping that distinctive uke sound. This closed-back model is an affordable alternative for uke players desiring loud volume and the banjo uke tone.  With its 8 rim and tone ring, this model projects very well ideal for solo and group performing. A one-piece flange and resonator creates excellent volume and tone and is a great alternative instrument for uke players as it produces superior volume to its openback predecessor. The newly added geared tuners are a significant upgrade to the vintage-style friction pegs and provide smooth tuning ratio. This model, along with its vintage appeal, is perfect for the uke player searing for a unique sound.
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