Remo M7S100F5 10-Inch Tucked Fiberskyn 3 Conga Drumhead, F5

Instrument : PERCUSSION
Department : Drum heads
Sub-department : Congas Drumheads

Brand : Remo
Acheter Remo
Description from Amazon USA
Remo, manufacturer of the World's only tucked synthetic drumhead, is proudly expanding its WORLD PERCUSSION DRUMHEAD line with the introduction of the tucked FIBERSKYN3 conga and bongo drumheads. The perfect blend of tradition and technology, the tucked synthetic drumhead was first introduced in 2001 with NUSKYN film, another Remo innovation. Remo's patented tucked drumheads are a major breakthrough in drumhead technology that is without equal in the industry, and has been lauded by top players as the best alternative when replacing rawhide natural heads for congas, bongos, and djembes. The original glue crimplock channel FIBERSKYN 3 has long been the choice for top percussionists like Karl Perrazo of the Santana band and Poncho Sanchez because of its high overtones and projection qualities. The Tucked FIBERSKYN3 drumhead still has the original tone qualities and added durability with Remo's patented tucked construction. Remo's tucked heads technology is a process in which the film is wrapped around a steel insert ring just as animal skins are "tucked" around flesh hoops. Remo has created a more durable drum head that can withstand extreme about of tension that are needed for many of world percussion instruments. Remo manufactures many World Percussion drumheads that are categorized by TYPE. Available types are type 7 conga, and type 9 bongo drumheads with the FIBERSKYN3 Film. See World Percussion Drumhead Guide for more information on drumheads for your drum.
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