Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer

Department : Synthesizer
Sub-department : Analog

Brand : Korg
Acheter Korg
Description from Amazon USA
Analog Synth with Space Delay Korg's Monotron DELAY fits in your pocket, yet delivers enormous analog sound! Equipped with a built-in speaker and battery operation, Monotron DELAY is ready - anytime, anyplace. Best of all, it's a blast to play, with a level of simplicity allowing anyone to enjoy the world of analog synthesizers. Product Block Copy The monotron DELAY also provides an analog oscillator, filter, LFO, plus a Space Delay that's indispensable for swooping, cosmic sounds. As with the filter, the delay effect can be added to any external sound via the Aux In jack. The LFO offers a choice of waveshapes: Square and Triangle. In addition, a trimpot on the back panel can continuously adjust the waveshape to deliver even more versatility. The monotron DELAY's ribbon controller keyboard features a wide, four-octave range. The reversed white keys and body adornments glows under black light illumination, making the monotron DELAY ideal for nearly any club environment! VCO (Sawtooth) with Pitch control; VCF with Cutoff and Peak controls; Space Delay with Time and Feedback controls; LFO with Waveshape, Rate, and Intensity controls; Ribbon Keyboard with extra-wide four-octave range; keyboard glows under blacklight; Original MS-20 Filter with aux input allows the filter & delay to be applied to any source; Built-in speaker, battery power; graphics that glow under blacklight!
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