Fender Koilkord Instrument Cable, White (30 feet)

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Cables : Instrument
Sub-department : Cables (>20 ft)

Brand : Fender
Acheter Fender
Description from Amazon USA
The Standard Koil Kords Cables are not the typical vintage coiled cable designs from the 60's, with severly rolled off highs, and questionable construction methods, but rather, a new interpretation that still does justice to the past without ignoring morden needs. These newly designed cables are engineered to preserve what is good about the original coiled cables, without the problems and compromises. They do have the distinctive coiled cable voicing, but with a quieter background resulting from a twisted pair design using separate signal and return conductors, in addition to a double shield over this. However, the stranding of these cables was optimized to compensate for the coiling, which add inductance, and affects the sound. The use of heavier gauge OFC copper conductors and better noise isolation provides a wider range, more open sound, as well as freedom from noise and interference that can compromise recording, or live sound performance. Available in 1',15' and 30' lengths.
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