Waltons Bodhrán 12" (Carew Cross) - Handcrafted Irish Instrument - Crisp & Musical Tone - Hardwood Beater Included w/ Purchase

Instrument : PERCUSSION
Department : Bodhran
Sub-department : Instrument

Brand : Waltons
Description from Amazon USA
- PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS | Bodhrán face 12" in diameter. Intended for beginner players. If you are going for a very traditional straight forward but tonal sound, then the Walton Bodhrán drum is just the right one for you!<br /> - INCLUDES A HARDWOOD BEATER | We provide you with a quality hardwood beater with every Bodhrán you buy. authentic traditional Irish instrument.<br /> - GOAT SKIN HEAD | Bodhrán head is made from real goatskin. The Walton Bodhrán head has been much improved over the years. With many different varieties and ply s to the different sizes, the skin head of the Walton Bodhrán is a 2 ply goat skin with choice selected goatskin.<br /> - QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST | The Bodhrán is an authentic traditional Irish instrument. We use higher quality wood which creates a much deeper and robust sounding Bodhrán gives you even more tone possibilities. Walton s Bodhrán are incredibly fun to play and provide many tonal qualities that you just cannot get from any other drum!<br />
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