Akai Professional EWI USB | Electronic Wind Instrument MIDI Controller with Included Sound Library

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Brand : Akai
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Akai Professional's EWI USB is an electronic wind instrument for musicians looking for an easy-to-play, easy-to-use controller. Decades of experience in wind and electronic music instruments are rolled into our most user friendly and most affordable EWI ever.

This instrument harnesses your computer to generate its sounds. Its USB interface means that all you need is nearly any Mac or PC and the included EWI USB software, and you re ready to practice, perform, create, and record with a full collection of wind instrument sounds. Aria Player software was produced specifically for use with EWI USB, providing wind players with an unprecedented level of expressive control.

You get over 75 different orchestral, concert band, jazz band, and synthesizer sound sets expertly recorded and programmed by Garritan, renowned for its ultra-realistic instrument sound libraries.

EWI USB also offers multiple fingering modes including sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI (brass), so whether you re just starting out as a woodwind student or an old pro wind player, you ll find EWI USB easy to play. EWI USB is designed for you to spend your time playing music; not learning technology.

Discover the world of expression that only wind instruments can offer with EWI USB.

Get Connected

Connect the EWI USB to an available USB port on the computer. The Status LED will light up on the rear panel.

Important Tips!

  • It's best to connect directly to the computer, avoiding the use of a multi-port USB hub.
  • Wherever possible, connect to a port on the back of the computer.
  • Plugging in the EWI USB automatically recalibrates its keys, rollers, and plates. To avoid interfering with this process (and causing it to play out of tune), hold the EWI USB only by its plastic casing near the top while plugging it in.

Audio & MIDI Preferences

The EWI USB controller does not make sound in and of itself. To be able to translate what is played into what is heard, selecting the appropriate audio device for your given setup is essential. Luckily, there isn't much to the process!

  1. Under the Tools (PC) or EWI USB (Mac) menu, select Preferences.
  2. Select the appropriate audio device being used in your specific setup. If using the built-in speakers of the computer, choose "Built In Output" or "Speakers". If experiencing any noticeable delay in the sound or reduced audio quality, you can adjust the latency settings of the audio device here as well.
  3. Under MIDI Devices, check the appropriate box:
    • Windows XP: Check USB Audio Device.
    • Windows Vista, Mac: Check EWI USB.

Technical Specs


  • Mouthpiece: Air-pressure level sensor & bite sensor
  • Note Keys: 13 touch sensors
  • Octave Rollers: 2 mobile, 2 fixed touch sensors (5-octave range)
  • Bend Plates: 2 touch sensors
  • Ground Plates: 2 touch sensors


  • Class-compliant, plug-and-play USB device
  • (1) MIDI Output Channel Over USB
  • Mac and PC compatible


  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 23.125 x 2.75 x 2.75
  • Weight:1.3 lbs
  • Power: ~100mA, 5V via USB
  • Terminals: 1 slave connector (MIDI over USB)

Box Contents

  • USB Cable (9.8 feet)
  • Neckstrap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Software DVD
  • Quickstart Manual
  • Safety & Warranty Information Booklet
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