Manhasset #1440 Flute/Tenor Recorder Peg, Attaches to Model #1400 Wind Instrument Stand (sold separately.)

Instrument : FLUTE
Department : Stands - Foots

Brand : Manhasset
Acheter Manhasset
Description from Amazon USA
The Manhasset #1400 Wind Instrument Stand Adapter converts the base of a Manhasset Music Stand into a stand for flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, recorder (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, F bass) or trumpet. One adapter (#1400) holds up to three accessory pegs (listed below) to accommodate three instruments. A must for all wind instrument players. All peg accessories (listed below) are each sold separately from the stand adapter.#1400 Wind Instrument Stand Adapter Peg Accessories #1420 Dual Peg #1430 Piccolo Peg #1440 Flute Peg #1450 Clarinet Peg #1460 Alto Recorder Peg #1470 Oboe Peg #1480 Trumpet/Cornet Peg
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