Gold Tone 25" Scale Acoustic-Electric MicroBass Natural

Instrument : BASS
Department : Bass (instruments)
Sub-department : Electro-acoustic

Brand : Gold Tone
Acheter Gold Tone
Description from Amazon UK
The MicroBass25, or M-Bass25, is a 25" short-scaled acoustic/electric bass guitar that utilizes a dedicated synthetic string and a piezo transducer pickup. The extended scale length greatly improves intonation over similar models and allows for an acoustic volume loud enough to enjoy without plugging into an amplifier. The sloped ergo-glide top makes this instrument extremely comfortable to hold.The MicroBass features a built-in transducer pickup with a master volume control as well as independent bass and treble tone controls. There is also a built-in electronic tuner with mute function that will aid in quick and accurate pitch adjustments. When the tuner is engaged, the instrument output is muted. When a 1/4 instrument cable is inserted into the output jack, the tuner is automatically engaged and the instrument is muted. By pressing the tuner button, the tuner is disengaged and the bass output will be audible.MicroBass models feature an active pickup, which means that a battery is re
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