Classic Cantabile Accordion / 48 Bass Keys / 26 Discant Keys / 2 Reeds / 3 Registers with Case and Carry Strap red

Instrument : ACCORDION
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Chromatic Accordions

Brand : Classic Cantabile
Acheter Classic Cantabile
Description from Amazon UK

Well proven mechanics and craftsmanship in a new design!

The new Classic Cantabile "Secondo III" accordions carry on seamlessly from the previous model. Excellent quality of craftsmanship and improvements of sound volume are further underpinning the reputation of the brand Classic Cantabile when it comes to affordable accordions.

This traditionally styled 48-bass accordions feature high-quality craftsmanship and incredible value for money! With some changes in the detail, the new smooth-running mechanics guarantee more fun in playing accordion. Through further development of the soundpost, the "Secondo III" owns a convincing, exceptionally full sound as one would hardly expect from instrument in this price range. But also visually the accordion with the noble mother of pearl design a real treat.

With compact dimensions and the low weight of 5.9 kg, it is ideal for beginners in the world of accordion music. Thus, smaller musicians will have their joy of making music. This accordion is therefore ideal as a pupil instrument and will cause a lot of joy!