Classic Cantabile Secondo Junior 8-Bass Accordion 22 Treble Keys 8 Bass Keys with Strap and Gig Bag Red

Instrument : ACCORDION
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Accordion for Children

Brand : Classic Cantabile
Acheter Classic Cantabile
Description from Amazon UK

The Classic Cantabile Junior Secondo is the right accordion for aspiring musicians from 3 years.

Also suitable for little fellows
This accordion is not just a learning toy, but a serious tool for small accordionists. The low weight of just over 2 kg, and the adjustable carrying straps allows preschoolers to make music easily with this accordion.

Small size - great sound!
Despite the small size, the Secondo Junior convinces with an amazingly full sound. The basses get some decent volume out of this children's accordion. The rock-solid processing and robust bellows can take a good beating when the the small musicians don't handle the accordion with the greatest caution. So all in all a really useful tool to specifically learn accordion and still have fun making music!