SUZUKI Benkei electrical Taishogoto Japanese harp JPN model

Department : Japan : Taishogoto

Brand : Suzuki
Acheter Suzuki
Description from Amazon USA
I only play the key to number written to tablature in spite of being push and am the musical instrument that it is easy becoming the melody. From the day when I had it in my hand, I can enjoy wide music. It is the secret of the tone that is delicate whether structure identical to a violin is rich. 6 strings 27 key /5~6 Dimensions 70*15*8.5cm The main body of weight: 1.9 kg, a case: 1.7 kg Pick (two pieces) for exclusive use of accessories, tuning pipe, connection cord, high-quality soft case Because remarks pickup is with a built-in it, outside amplifier connection is possible A correspondence amplifier: SA-5, SA-13, SA-15, SPA-40, SKB-60, Leslie 2121
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