Maui Xaphoon Pocket Saxophone, This Instrument Will Play A Full Chromatic Scale - Pitched In The Key Of C And Possessing A Two Octave Range, A Portable Instrument for Everyone, Black

Department : Unusual Instruments
Sub-department : Saxonett - Xaphoon

Brand : Xaphoon
Acheter Xaphoon
Description from Amazon USA
- The experienced player will find the Xaphoon to be expressive and powerful; the beginner will find it fun and easy, and good practice for other reed instruments<br /> - This deep, rich-sounding instrument can be with you always - A true portable sax-like instrument that can be carried everywhere - in your pocket, backpack, and even up your sleeve<br /> - The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax sounds two octaves lower than conventional flutes or recorders of the same length. Play it in an acoustic space and it will sound like a saxophone. Make friends while making spiritual music!<br /> - A portable instrument that will bring you joy - Imagine bringing a smile to people wherever you are - at a bus stop, in a cave, waiting in line, even in a parking garage!<br /> - Xaphoons make Great Gifts for that talented musician in your life!<br />
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