European Expressions Intl Lap Harp Music Maker Toy

Instrument : ZITHER
Department : Instruments

Brand : Rhythm Band
Acheter Rhythm Band
Description from Amazon USA
- PLAY BEAUTIFUL MUSIC INSTANTLY: Anyone can play the music maker regardless of experience. Simply slide a song sheet in the player and pluck the strings and you are a musician.<br /> - HANDMADE ARTISAN QUALITY: Made of ash and specially selected hardwoods. Because it is handmade, each Music Maker is unique. There is no other in the world exactly like it.<br /> - INSTANTLY ENJOY THE MUSIC YOU CREATE: Includes 12 songs, pick, tuner and spare wire. Comes tuned for immediate enjoyment. A wide variety of additional song sheets are available.<br /> - WONDERFUL FOR THERAPY AND TEACHING: In schools, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers...and in hundreds of thousands of homes across the world the music maker is bringing joy<br /> - SIMPLE TO TUNE AND MAINTAIN: Tuning and string replacement can be done with ease at home. Hand made in Belarus.<br />
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