Clayvision Music Note Phone Charm Light Rose Colored Crystal Black Plug

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Description from Amazon USA
This item features an original Clayvision charm with a genuine Swarovski crystal on a plastic plug. You can plug this into any earphone outlet on any device to protect it from dust. Please do not hold the device by this charm as it may not support its weight and is intended for decorative purposes only. This cell phone plug is available on Amazon in 14 different Swarovski crystal colored variations. Also available with a black plug or white plug. Ruby Colored Crystal (July/January), Amethyst Colored Crystal (February), Aquamarine Colored Crystal (March), Clear Crystal (April), Emerald Colored Crystal (May), Tanzanite Colored Crystal (June), Peridot Colored Crystal (August), Sapphire Colored Crystal (September), Rose Colored Crystal (October), Topaz Colored Crystal (November), Blue Zircon Colored Crystal (December), Fuchsia Colored Crystal, Light Rose Colored Crystal, and Light Sapphire Colored Crystal.
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