L'ATELIER DE o Jew's Harp M-size (Vietnamese Brass Hmong Harps)

Department : Jews Harp
Description from Amazon USA
Wholesale Cheap DanMoi are Local Souvenir Quality, Easily Broken,Not For Pro Use Instrument.
All of L'ATELIER DE o Product has hardly broken because inclusion of 10% nickel in brass.
And has been carried out an strictly Inspection and Refurbishment in Japan.
Please Consider Carefully Before Purchase it.

Vietnamese Brass Hmong Harps (Dan Moi) M-size
*Sewned Case Color are Randomly Select from Stock.

- Features of the M size -
Moderate Style - Bass and Melody - Wide range of Play

Beginner - Most Easiest Jew's Harp
Export Use - To Europe and US, High Quality Model.
More Loudly - Dinamic Sound,Enough to Loud
Bass and Melody - Wide range of play.
Sapa - Mecca of Hmong via Japan to you(w Handmade Sewned Case)

Size 10.5cm
Case : 11.0cm

L'ATELIER DE o Product is for Pro Use Instrument.
Best Quality Jews Harp, Widely Use in Japanese Musician.
Ships in : In Stock - delivery in 24-48 hours
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