Meinl Trombone Didgeridoo, Fiberglass, Black Design

Instrument : DIDGERIDOO
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Slide Didgeridoo

Brand : Meinl
Acheter Meinl
Description from Amazon USA
- Fiberglass shell: The fiberglass construction delivers superior durability and a distinctive drone with harmonic overtones that allow you to easily achieve the desired Native Australian sound<br /> - Trombone design: The telescopic design simulates a trombone, allowing for Pitch bends and variable melodies<br /> - Mouthpiece not required: although some players may prefer to use a traditional beeswax mouthpiece, they are not required to get sounds from these instruments<br /> - Add worldly sound to your music: The Meinl didgeridoos' impressive sound adds an interesting native Australian flavor that can be used in your performances or recordings.<br /> - Reimagined sound: The trombone didgeridoo seeks to capture the classic sound of a didgeridoo while adding a unique and innovative twist<br />
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