Meinl Mouthpiece, Fits All Didgeridoos-Made from 100% Pure Beeswax, 2-Year Warranty (DDG-MP)

Instrument : DIDGERIDOO
Department : Various Accessories

Brand : Meinl
Acheter Meinl
Description from Amazon USA
- Fits on any Meinl didgeridoo: the mouthpiece measures 30mm inner diameter and 60mm outer diameter. It can easily fit on any Meinl didgeridoo<br /> - 100% beeswax: all Meinl didgeridoo mouthpieces are made from antiseptic beeswax to ensure consistent comfort, tonal quality, and hygiene<br /> - Great for beginners: the mouthpiece can easily be added to the didgeridoo to aid in learning technique to sustain notes for a longer duration<br /> - Made to last: cleaning and replacing the mouthpiece is simple to ensure it lasts you many uses over time<br /> - How to use: gently apply heat to the mouthpiece in order to mold it to the end of the didgeridoo for a proper fit<br />
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