Meinl Percussion DDG1-R Bamboo Didgeridoo, Red

Instrument : DIDGERIDOO
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Standard Didgeridoo

Brand : Meinl
Acheter Meinl
Description from Amazon USA
These Didgeridoos from MEINL are a great way to get started on the oldest wind instrument in the world. The bamboo construction delivers a distinctive, impressive drone with harmonic overtones that allow you to easily achieve the desired native Australian sound. An added bonus of playing this instrument is learning circular breathing, which carries over into other wind instruments and even improves health! No mouthpiece is necessary to play this instrument, but if desired, these didgeridoos are able to securely hold the MEINL Didgeridoo Mouthpiece in place (model number DDG-MP, 100% pure beeswax).
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