Meinl Percussion DDG-BOX Compact Travel Didgeridoo, Mahogany (8 1/2" x 5")

Instrument : DIDGERIDOO
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Compact Travel Didgeridoo

Brand : Meinl
Acheter Meinl
Description from Amazon USA
The Meinl Travel Didgeridoo is small in size but big in sound. The zigzag design on the inside enables the authentic native Australian sounds heard in standard size didgeridoos. Its compact design makes it the perfect instrument to take on the road or to the studio without taking up too much space. Impressive harmonic drones and overtones are easily achievable with this instrument. An added bonus of playing the didgeridoo is learning circular breathing, which carries over into other wind instruments and even improves health! No mouthpiece is necessary to play this instrument.
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