Didgeridoo, Bamboo, Black Design

Instrument : DIDGERIDOO
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Standard Didgeridoo

Brand : Meinl
Acheter Meinl
Description from Amazon USA
- Bamboo shell tuned to E (black finish) the bamboo construction delivers a distinctive drone note effect tuned to E with harmonic overtones that allow you to easily achieve the desired native Australian sound (measures 47" long)<br /> - Easy to play whether you are getting started and just want to experiment with different sounds or you are a seasoned pro, this didgeridoo is a great option to have in a home or studio<br /> - Add worldly sounds to your music Meinl didgeridoos sound impressive enough by themselves, and they add an interesting native Australian sound that can be used as a layer in your music when recording or performing<br /> - Great for meditation and circular breathing the didgeridoo has a fantastic calming, meditative effect when played and it also serves as an ideal instrument to practice circular breathing techniques<br /> - Hand painted dot design this didgeridoo features artistic hand painted accents over a black finish to emulate traditional native Australian artwork the hand painted artisry means no two didgeridoos are exactly alike, making them one-of-a-kind<br />
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