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- Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 Competitive Crossgrade (Box); Audio MIDI sequencer (DAW); Caution - Crossgrade version! Requires a registered license of of a qualified DAW: Ability Pro, Ableton Live from 8 Standard / Suite, Apple Logic from 9, Avid Pro Tools from 9 incl. Subscriptions, Cakewalk Sonar from X2 Platinum / Professional, Cockos Reaper Commercial license, Imageline FL Studio from 11 Signature / Producer, Magix Samplitude from Pro X1, Magix Sequoia from 9, MOTU Digital Performer from 7, Presonus Studio One Professional, ReasonStudios Reason from 6; Note: to purchase this software, the proof of purchase of a qualified DAW is required. The purchase process will be done manually during our business hours; classical sequencer software and audio workstation for professional studio applications and post-production, for composing and arranging as well as ambitious home recording; unlimited number of audio channels and MIDI tracks as well as instrument tracks, 256 group channels, 8 send and 64 return channels; max. 256 physical inputs and outputs; up to 16 insert effects per channel as well as 64 VST instrument slots; audio engine with internal 64-bit floating point processing and up to 192 kHz sample rate; advanced MIDI Remote integration; Audio to MIDI chord recognition with drag and drop support; sample accurate volume automation; Dolby Atmos support; four virtual instruments with more than 3000 presets incl. Verve piano as well as 18 MIDI and 81 audio effects incl. Raiser limiter; customizable MixConsole with own history, snapshots, direct routing, up to three different views and integrated Channel Strip; Control Room section to setup and control the monitor speakers and the cue mixes; various metering options including loudness metering; real-time pitch shifting and time-stretching; comping feature and Audio Warp with quantization capabilities; numerous tools like Project Browser, Track Archive, Chord track, chord pads, tempo track and signature track, Time Warp, TrackVersions, Note Expressions and sampler track; logical, key, score, list and drum editors available as well as MPE support and professional features for score layout and note printing; support of Music XML, AAF and OMF files; Steinberg Licensing enables dongle free activation; HiDPI support for high-resolution screens; plug-in drag & drop; sounds and loops; Languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portoguese, Russian; Attention: license only, no data carrier, download required - no installation medium included
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