Behringer : TD-3-MO

Department : Expandable Synthesizer Modules

Brand : Behringer
Acheter Behringer
Description from Thomann

- Behringer TD-3-MO; Modded Out Analog Bass Line Synthesizer; extended version of the TD-3 with many new features; control knobs for Soft Attack, Normal- and Accent-Decay, Filter Tracking, Slide Time and Filter FM; switchable Sub Oscillator; Accent Sweep and Sweep Speed switchable in 3 steps; Muffler (VCA soft clipping) switchable in 2 steps; manual Accent trigger button; filter cutoff controllable via MIDI CC; fully analog singal path with VCO, VCF and VCA; Sawtooth and Squarewave waveforms selectable; 4-pole lowpass filter with resonance; manual controls for VCF envelope amount and envelope decay; adjustable Accent; adjustable overdrive; 16-step sequencer with 250 memory locations for patterns; 16-voice Poly Chain of up to 16 units; audio input for external sound sources (3.5mm jack); inputs for Filter FM and Filter CV (3.5mm jack); inputs for Accent, Slide, Sync and CV/Gate (3.5mm jack); outputs for Accent, Filter and CV/Gate (3.5mm jack); stereo headphones output (3.5mm jack); Line out (6.3mm jack); USB-MIDI and MIDI in/out; including: power supply (9V DC); color: yellow; Dimensions (H x W x D): 56 x 305 x 165 mm; weight: 0,8 kg; Suitable cover: Art. 490239, case: 492958 or Bag: Art. 493544 (not included)
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