VegaTrem : VT1 UltraTrem Std. St. Steel

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Spare parts
Sub-department : Vibrato - Tremolo

Brand : VegaTrem
Acheter VegaTrem
Description from Thomann

- Due to its unique construction, divebombs feel as loose as pulls in the opposite direction
- The VT1 tremolo brings you back exactly in tune
- Cumbersome and sometimes annoying fiddling with locking tuners is a thing of the past
- The VegaTrem VT1 tremolo fits perfectly into any ST-style guitar
- No milling is required
- The VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem is available in all common finishes to match your guitar hardware
- The VegaTrem VT1 fits guitars equipped with the traditional six-screw vibrato system
- Included are: Springs, adapters, pivot screws and a 1.5mm (1/16 ") and 2.5mm (3/32") allen key
- Finish: Stainless Steel, gloss
- Made in Spain
Ships in : In Stock delivery in 24-48 hours

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