Startone : SSL-45 Bb-Tenor Trombone Set

Instrument : TROMBONE
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Tenor simple Trombones

Brand : Startone
Acheter Startone
Description from Thomann

Startone SSL-45 Bb-Tenor Trombone Bb Tenor Trombone
- Body made of brass
- ML - Bore
- Bell: Ø 205 mm
- Bore: 12.2 mm
- Outer slide and bow brass
- Chrome nickel silver inner slide
- Clear lacquered
- Case and mouthpiece (included)

Thomann Compact Warmup Trombone Mute Practice Mute for Trombone
- During the development, special attention was paid to good intonation
- Ideal for warming up
- Mute fits in the instrument bell inside the case for storage
- Material: Aluminium
- Made in USA

Bernd Hoffmann Trainer Classic Trombone 1 Practice Adapter for Trombones
- Deluxe model
- For trombones (12 mm)
- Two exhaust holes for regulating air resistance
- Made from walnut

K&M 14985 Trombone Stand Trombone Stand
- Fibreglass reinforced plastic base and folding legs
- Height-adjustable tube combination with surface-friendly clamping elements
- Continuously adjustable from 600 to 900 mm
- Plastic peg with protective coating
- Weight: 1.1 kg
- Black
- Merged 550 mm long
- Suitable case: Art.101852

Reka Trombone Outer Slide Cleaner Trombone Outer Slide CleanerThe solids entering the open inner slide during play have the same effect as abrasive paste on the slide and damage it. That is why it is important to clean the inner and outer slide before every oiling or greasing.

Thomann Bell mesh for Trombone 22 Especially suitable for removing the dusts and sand particles that are deposited on the inner slide

La Tromba AG Waterspray for Trombone Mesh Cover for the Bell of a Trombone
- Suitable for bell diameters of 22 cm
- Material: Cotton
- Colour: Beige

Thomann Cork Grease Stick White Water Spray for Trombone Slides
- In addition to specially treated water, this spray contains highly effective additives that prevent oxidation on the inner slide and the inside of the outer slide
- The ideal complement to La Tromba Slide Oil
- Can be used alongside all trombone lubricants that need water for optimal lubricity
- Contents: 80 ml
Ships in : In Stock - delivery in 24-48 hours
Ships in : In Stock - delivery in 24-48 hours
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