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Description from Woodbrass
Melodyne 5 studio is the complete Melodyne, with all the unique functions and possibilities of Melodyne. For professional editing of voices, choirs, instruments of all kinds and samples. And with an unrivaled multitrack workflow in terms of ease of use and musicality. Features: - Technology awarded with a Grammy Award, including DNA (Direct Note Access) - Method of work based on notes, exceptional musicality and intuitiveness - Melodic algorithms (with sibilant detection), Percussive, Universal, Polyphonic - Multitrack editing of notes - edit several tracks in a single Melodyne window - The complete toolbox from Melodyne - Macros for intonation correction, timing quantization and leveling - Chord track and grid with automatic chord recognition - Tempo detection and editing - Sound editor, which provides unique control over tonal colors - Full functions for editing scales, tuning systems and temperaments - Inspectors for quick access to all parameters - Export of polyphonic audio signals in MIDI - Full compatibility: VST 3, AU, AAX, autonomous - Integration by ARA Audio Random Access (depending on DAW) - Compatibility: MacOS and Windows, 64 bits