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Trombone Player Kit
Trombone Player Kit. This mechanical marvel, a trombone player in natural wood, will wow all who see it. It's a clever kit and educational too! Fun for all ages, 9 to 90. Add paint to really bring this musician to life! The size of the finished model is: 25cm H x 16cm W x 12cm D.
Universal Battery Kit: Novelty
Universal Battery Kit
Pianist Kit: Novelty
Pianist Kit. Swaying to the music, his busy fingers rattle over the keys while his foot works the pedal. Finished model dimensions: Width: 200mm Height: 195mm Depth: 165mm

Drummer Kit: Novelty
This multi-tasker manages to operate 2 drums and 2 cymbals whilst moving to the beat. Finished model dimensions: Width: 160mm Height: 220mm Depth: 70mm
Xylophone Player Kit: Novelty
Xylophone Player Kit. A timber tune from this toe tapping talent!
Accordion Player Kit: Novelty
Accordion Player Kit. This quirky little French fellow plays, sings and taps his foot to the beat. Finished model dimensions: Width: 150mm Height: 250mm Depth: 75mm
Guitarist Kit: Novelty
Guitarist Kit. What a groovy mover! You hum it, he'll play it! Finished model dimensions: Width: 110mm Height: 265mm Depth: 120mm
Universal Electrical Kit: Novelty
Universal Electrical Kit
Double Bass Kit: Novelty
Double Bass Kit. He's so laid back as he plucks the strings of his bass, taps his foot and sways to the rhythm. Finished model dimensions: Width: 150mm Height: 300mm Depth: 65mm