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String Swing Trumpet Holder - Stand for Piccolo Pocket and Standard Trumpets - Stand Accessories Home or Studio Wall - Musical Instruments Safe without Hard Cases - Made in USA

Acheter String Swing

String Swing

Description de chez Amazon USA :
- UNLIKE THE TYPICAL TRUMPET HANGERS OF UNKNOWN origin and quality that potentially puts even the finest TRUMPETS like Mendini, Yamaha, Bach, Gretzen, and Jean Paul in life threatening danger, the STRING SWING TRUMPET HANGERS are CERTIFIED 100% MADE IN USA with AMERICAN STEEL and backed by a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY, all that to provide maximum structural integrity and safety, so no matter if you are playing your instruments or not, they are always in the right hands
- TRUMPETS ARE MORE THAN JUST INSTRUMENTS While safer when transported inside a case along with your valve oil, slide grease, cleaning kit, mute, and mouthpiece, trumpets are also practically meant to be displayed for your enjoyment even when you are not rocking it, the STRING SWING TRUMPET HANGERS will turn your trumpet into a piece of Wall Art while keeping it safe and sound
- BELL REST ADJUSTS TO ACCOMMODATE VARIOUS SIZED TRUMPETS Great for trumpets of all sizes including piccolo, pocket, and standard; Personalized protective bell padding gently and securely supports the instruments; Adjustable bell rest design works great with both student and professional trumpets
- OVER 30 YEARS SERVING MUSICIANS ALL OVER AMERICA No matter what kind of trumpet that you have, you can count on us to keep it safely stored, we have been crafting the best musical-instrument hangers and display systems that you can buy for over 30 years; Our products are manufactured in Wisconsin, where we started, and are guaranteed for life
- LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY - The STRING SWING TRUMPET HANGERS are CERTIFIED 100% MADE IN USA with REAL AMERICAN STEEL and backed by a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY and Add yours to cart Now and keep your trumpet safely stored while supplies last!

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